A boater travels 532 miles. Assuming the boat averages 63 miles per gallon, howmany gallons of gasoline (to the nearest tenth of a gallon) were used?

Accepted Solution

Answer:8.4 gallons Step-by-step explanation:We have a boater traveled 532 miles and we want to know how much gas he used for this trip.We are also given if he travels 63 miles then has used 1 gallon.532 miles ->x gallons63 miles   ->1  gallonThe information here is lined up for you already.We have from the line, this proportion:[tex]\frac{532}{63}=\frac{x}{1}[/tex]x/1=x so we have:[tex]\frac{532}{63}=x[/tex][tex]8.\overline{4}=x[/tex]So approximately 8.4 gallons was used on this trip of 532 miles.