During the school year, each student planted 2 x 10^2 trees as part of a community service project. If there are 3.5 x 10^3 students in the school, how many trees did they plant in total?

Accepted Solution

Answer: Total number of trees planted = Β [tex]7\times 10^{5}[/tex] treesStep-by-step explanation:Trees planted by each student = [tex]2\times 10^2[/tex]Total number of students = [tex]3.5\times 10^3[/tex]Using unitary method to find total number of trees planted by all the students in school.1 student plants = [tex]2\times 10^2[/tex] trees[tex]3.5\times 10^3[/tex] student would plant = [tex](2\times 10^2)\times (3.5\times 10^3)[/tex]We apply the product rule of exponents to multiply [tex][a^xa^y=a^{x+y}][/tex]β‡’ [tex](2\times 3.5)\times(10^2\times 10^3)[/tex]β‡’ [tex]7\times 10^{2+3}[/tex]β‡’ [tex]7\times 10^{5}[/tex] treesTotal number of trees planted = Β [tex]7\times 10^{5}[/tex] trees