Haley is comparing the cost of a fresh lobster dinner at two different restaurants. The first restaurant charges $29 for the meal, plus $6 per kilogram for the lobster she picks. At the second restaurant, Haley would pay $3 per kilogram for the lobster, in addition to $41 for the meal. Haley realizes that, in theory, dinner at both restaurants could cost the same amount if the lobster had a certain weight. How much would Haley pay for her dinner? What is the weight?

Accepted Solution

First restaurant price: 29 + 6l = x x = final cost l = kilo of lobster Second restaurant price: 41 + 3l = xWe want them to be the same price, so: 29 + 6l = 41 + 3lSubtract 3l from each side 29 + 3l = 41 Subtract 29 from both sides 3l = 12Divide both sides by 3l = 4So, if she buys 4 kilograms of lobster from either place, it will cost the same. It would cost $53.