Probability with ORthe us safety administration report on pedestrian injuries in traffic accidents found the following statistics: of the cases reported, in 37.1% the victim was under 16 years old, in 27.5% the accident occured at night, and in 3.8% the victim was under 16 and the accident occurred at night.Round answers to the nearest 10th of a percent1) what is the probability that the victim was under 16 or the accident occurred at night?2) what is the probability that the victim was 16 or older and the accident occurred during the day?​

Accepted Solution

Answer:60.8%39.2%Step-by-step explanation:It is convenient to put the numbers into a table and fill in the remaining values. In the attachment, the given numbers are blue. The black numbers are the values that make the totals add up.__1. The probability of interest is the sum of the numbers in the table spaces shaded blue. You can find that sum several ways. The usual way used for an "OR" probability is ... Β  p(<16 or night) = p(<16) + p(night) - p(<16 & night) Β  = 37.1% + 27.5% - 3.8% Β  = 60.8%__2. This probability is the complement of the one in the first part. It is the value in the yellow-shaded box. Β  p(β‰₯16 & day) = 1 - p(<16 or night) = 1 -60.8% = 39.2%